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Our Products

Flash Fire products are for first response bush fire protection for rural
bush fires, burning of fire breaks, mopping up and ember attacks.

Always look out for the Fire Danger Rating Today sign and make note of the danger. Once assessing the danger make a decision of which Fire equipment should be deployed. As a first form of fire defence keep updated with your local bush fire authority updates and adhere to their information and instructions. Never risk your life.

Flash Fire Ute Tank Units

The 800L baffled Flash Fire Ute firefighter is designed to fit onto all flat tray top utes with a carrying capacity of one ton or more.

Flash Fire Skid Packs

The Flash Fire Skid Pack consists of a base assembled with a steel powder coated hose reel, fittings and a Davey fire fighter pump.

Flash Fire Knapsack and Sprayer

The Flash Fire Knapsack and Sprayer is effective for extinguishing fringes of grass fires, mopping up and ember control.

Flash Fire Water Storage Tanks

Water storage for firefighting is one of the most important ingredients to protect your property.

Fire Hose Kits

Flash Fire Hose Kits consist of high quality suction hose and Australian Standard fire hose.

Trailer Option

The 400 litre and 800 litre Flash Fire battled tanks can easily be fitted to a trailer.

Fire Fighting Pumps

Flash Fire distributes the ever reliable and dependable Davey fire fighting pumps.

Flash Fire Beater

The Flash Fire Beater is regarded as one of the most useful and effective bushfire tools.

Flash Fire Ute Bladder Tank

Flash Fire manufacture the Ute Bladder Tank.

If you require to install a tank to support your fire fighting equipment, Flash Fire recommends Heritage Tanks.