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Flash Fire Skid Packs

The Flash Fire Skid Pack consists of a base assembled with a steel powder coated hose reel, fittings and a Davey fire fighter pump.

There are various configurations to suit your requirements.

The Twin Stage High Pressure unit with a 50m Fire Fighting Hose Reel fitted with all the required firefighting fittings and a 6m suction hose also fitted with the required fittings. The suction has a three way suction ball valve.

This allows for designated suction hose attachments. One can be for direct connection to your Fire Water Storage Tank which can also be supplied by Flash Fire.

The other suction can have a suction pipe with a strainer that can be used for drawing water from an open water source.

The single stage Fire Fighter Pump assembled on a base with a 30m hose reel and 5m suction pipe with all the relevant fittings. This is a general purpose skid pack.

The Fire Fighting Skid packs are a very useful and effective firefighting unit that can be connected to any water source.

A very popular use in rural fire fighting if one has a swimming pool. Just position the Fire Fighting Skid Pack next to your swimming pool drop the suction hose into the pool, start the motor and reel out the fire hose, either 30m or 50m.

This enables you to protect your home and surrounds.