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Flash Fire Water Storage Tanks

Water storage for firefighting is one of the most important ingredients to protect your property.

With water and Flash Fire’s products one can prepare for first response bush / rural fire protection. Flash Fire has two types of static water storage tanks for firefighting.

Firstly the corrie aquaplate water tank with sizes of 2,000 Lt, 5,000 Lt, and 10,000 Lt either connected to mains water or rain water harvesting systems. These water storage tanks are delivered as a complete product with all the metal fire rated fittings.

These allow for direct coupling to Flash Fire products, fire water single and twin stage Fire Fighting pumps skids with powder coated metal hose reels complete with hose and firefighting nozzles.

Secondly we supply and install the large Water storage tanks or Rainwater tanks suitable for water storage for firefighting on agricultural, rural and larger domestic properties.

All the Fire Water Storage tanks come complete with metal tank flanges and ball valves to comply with the fire regulations. The fittings also allow you to couple up directly to Flash Fire’s products.